There are four types of Asphalt Repairs – making your high traffic areas and/or weathered parking lots look like the road less traveled.

Here are the differences among the repair options we install:

When a section of asphalt has been heavily used or water has eroded the asphalt away a skin patch will aesthetically fix this pavement.

This is for a larger area such as an entire street, driveway or parking lot. The extra thickness provides strength for a longer lasting surface and a new look.

The third type of overlay is a fabric system typically called Petromat. TruPave and Petromat are the industry standards for mitigating fractured asphalt. The system provides a water barrier and it increases the longevity of the repair.

If your parking lot is starting to look like an off-roader’s paradise, then it may be time to give us a call. Pot holes, cracks, buckling pavement and chunks of shifting asphalt can be hazardous and it can indicate further damage happening beneath the surface.

We take care of the demolition and removal of the old asphalt – whether that be a small area, or an entire parking lot. We then replace the asphalt at an adequate thickness and skillfully blend the asphalt to have a smooth transition.

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